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Over the years, Amir has received press attention for his work in Transformative Leadership. Below are some of the features. To read the entire article or interview, click the source under each excerpt.

“The main thing is creating the right balance between delivering today's results vs building capability for the future...”

Tolvern Media


"Creating a Coaching Culture Boosts Bottom Line: In 2005, things were far from sunny at the Sunny Delight Beverage Co. plant in Atlanta. The company had been divested by Procter & Gamble and acquired by a private equity firm. 'Our results were the worst in the company. Trust in our leadership had eroded, and morale was at an all-time low,' said Amir Ghannad, the Atlanta plant's manager..."

The Atlanta Journal Constitution


"3 Key Elements of Highly Effective Culture Transformations..."

Manufacturing Technology Insights Magazine


"Amir’s coaching and training has empowered hundreds of leaders to deliver extraordinary results and achieve personal satisfaction and fulfillment...”

A.J. O'Connor Associates


"This is not just a business book but a book that will transform your life..."

Business Writers Radio


"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People [....] goes beyond techniques to make you feel good about yourself or get what you want form others. The first 3 habits send the reader on a profound journey of self-discovery to achieve private victory or independence, and the next 3, aimed at achieving private victory and interdependence, offer an abundance of ways to create win-win relationships."

Self Development Secrets


"In 2006, results and morale were at an all time low at the Sunny Delight Plant in Atlanta.  The divestiture from P&G had resulted in the departure of several key resources at a time when the pace of innovation and complexity was increasing significantly.  The Plant Leadership Team set out to implement a series of interventions to transform the culture and the results at the plant.

Within two years, the plant went from being literally the worst performing Sunny D plant, and a “liability” to the company, to delivering company and industry benchmark results across a wide variety of KPI’sand being the "go to" site..."

Delta Partners


"In 2006, the Sunny Delight Plant in Atlanta was overwhelmed by an increased level of complexity and a clear lack of trust and confidence in leadership.  Results and morale were at an all time low.  The plant leadership team set out to transform the site into 'The Showcase of Excellence and Cradle of Prosperity..."

Blog Talk Radio


"What beliefs, skills and actions make someone a transformative leader? Leadership and culture coach Ghannad takes readers on a personal journey of self discovery through stories, techniques and lessons designed to empower them to make a difference in their own lives and the lives of their employees and colleagues..."

Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine, Vol. 92, No. 1 2016

“Culture is the collective set of behaviors that we exhibit every day. We create the culture over time, and that culture eventually influences us. This cycle can either be a vicious cycle or a virtuous one. Leaders, in my mind, have mastered the art and science of transforming cultures, and they have the ability to shift the behavior of people in their organizations from ones that deliver mediocre results to ones that deliver extraordinary results...”

EP Thought Leaders Series


"I learned early on in my career in manufacturing that my passion was in empowering and energizing my team members, rather than trying to master everything they already knew so I could tell them what to do. I decided early on to trust my instincts and always find ways to do my job, whether I was a maintenance manager or a plant manager, in a way that honed my capabilities at empowering people and bringing out the best in them."



"Leadership in the food industry has never been more critical given the significant and rapid shifts in consumer preferences, our complicated global supply chain, and the myriad of global teams and suppliers who rely on performance excellence to ensure a safe and sustainable food supply..."

Xtalks Webinar


"After the plant turnaround, Amir was asked to take his approach to the other company plants. For the next three years, he led the workplace excellence effort and even created a three-month course that was held at all the sites, including the company headquarters, with very favorable results..."

— Kintone


"This week’s guest is Amir Ghannad, author and leadership specialist. Amir talked about his book, The Transformative Leader, and explained the differences between change and transformation."

Gemba Podcast


"The story of this transformation is a testament to the power of leveraging culture to deliver superior business results. In today’s environment, when the pace of innovation is faster than ever, it is necessary to keep up with, and make full use of, the latest methodologies to improve results. But what often takes the backseat to implementing new programs is good, old-fashioned leadership to ensure that the investments in programs and systems are fully utilized.

Ghannad comments, “The tried-and-true way to get an immediate and lasting boost in results in virtually every business that involves people is to take the necessary steps to ensure people are engaged, excited and committed. In our case, this was the main avenue we used to turn things around at the plant—with virtually no capital investment..."

Food Safety Magazine